Offer for owners


We provide:


  1. Care for apartments, for which we are responsible,
  2. We have a reasonable marketing policy,
  3. We regulate prices on a regular basis, responding to the market,
  4. We are in constant contact with the owners,
  5. We help during the preparation of the apartment and arrangement,
  6. We care about the condition of the building and cooperate with the administration,
  7. We do more than is clear from the contract because ...


 You are our partners and we look after your interests..



Our goal …. It is satisfaction - customers, owners and ours.



It is these factors that affect business success, which we try to maintain at the highest possible rate of return on investment, calculated year on year. Only yes, we can count on further investments, market development and ours with it.

We want to be "under every sky" ... but no further than in the Giant Mountains, because only here, being on the spot, we are able to do our work properly.

How we work - we acquire customers using modern techniques. We have websites integrated with an advanced booking system, ensuring us synchronization in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with external operators - without services that today's tourist rental market cannot do without. We provide owners with direct access to the system in which day, weekend, high and low seasons prices are clearly visible. With us, no one has to wonder if he really gets a report consistent with the actual rental price ... We can see for what "we sell the night" and what profit it brings to the owner. The same prices can be found online on our website. Transparency is the basis of healthy cooperation, we leave no room for doubt ... it is obvious to us.

With our reservation system we have coupled online payment tools, the customer can make a down payment of a reasonable amount using a redirected transfer, payment by credit card, payment card or BLIK up to a certain amount. We accept foreign cards and we have preauthorizations that guarantee safe deposit security.

We have more than technical means, we are open, forgiving, we help because we want, because we believe that it is necessary ...

We also have staff, clean using professional chemistry, order washing of bed linen and towels, we prepare the apartment so that the client feels as if he was the first guest in this place.

A novelty in the industry that we have successfully introduced is comprehensive care of "Pension" type buildings, in which, in addition to renting individual rooms, we perform works related to maintaining the building and the surrounding area in proper cleanliness and order.


 As part of the implemented solutions, we also offer the administration of small objects with apartments for rent, where, in addition to cleaning work, we watch over timely technical inspections, and commission removal of failures. The scope of duties is set individually with the owners.


We invite you to cooperate with us in a separate attachment the contract form, which we modify - within reason, because we understand the individual needs of the owners.


We will answer all questions by phone or at a meeting to which we encourage.


Our contact:

Office: Karpacz ul. konstytucji 3 Maja 26 ,




For owners::  + 48 791 991 882,  +48 609 650 727

Reservation: :  + 48 533 123 422, + 48 720 870 310