1. The reservation is considered confirmed when the required prepayment is made - in the amount and time indicated in the e-mail confirmation of the reservation.

2. RESERVATION ON REQUEST - in the absence of availability of online accommodation, Reservation On Request can be offered. Confirmation of the availability of the deadline (or lack thereof) and information on how to prepay will be sent by e-mail.

3. The hotel day lasts from 16:00 on the check-in day to 10:00 on the check-out day. The guest is obliged to return the keys to the office on the day of departure.

4. If the Guest does not return the keys to the office on the check-out day, they will still be responsible for the apartment, which results in the risk of incurring costs in the event of any damage, theft or loss. Failure to return the keys also results in charging another overnight stay.

5. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the premises. Violation of the ban results in a fine of 500 PLN.

6. A one-time fee of 100 PLN is charged for the stay of the animal. Concealing the whereabouts of an animal results in a fine of 500 PLN.

7. Guests planning to stay in our apartments with their pets are required to report their stay when making a reservation or checking in at the office. Not notifying the stay of the animal to the apartment may result in the need to leave the apartment without refunding the booking costs.

8. It is forbidden to stay overnight in the apartment for people not included in the reservation.

9. In the event of revealing/causing damage or faults, discovering improper preparation of the apartment by the cleaning service, the office should be immediately informed on the day of arrival + the reported problem should be documented. Defects noticed earlier but reported upon departure will not be taken into account or will be assigned to the guest who left the apartment last.

10. Difficulties in stay independent of EverySky are not subject for a complaint ( electricity, water failure, etc.)

11. The guest is obliged to maintain order and respect property. In the event of causing excessive damage / soiling ( sofas, towels, armchairs, carpets, leaving a significantly excessive amount of trash ), the Guest will be charged 300 PLN.

12. Everytime, when leaving the apartment, the guest is obliged to close its windows and doors.

13. Guests may not move the equipment/furniture/household appliances of the premises between its floors or between other premises, or rearrange the apartment's furniture. Breaking this rule results in charging the guest 300 PLN.

14. Upon check-in, a deposit will be collected for damages and unpaid fees, which will be returned within 7 - 14 working days after the end of the stay and verification of the apartment by the EverySky staff. The company reserves a period of up to 2 business days for checking the apartment.

15. I consent to the processing of my personal data in the above scope by EverySky Paweł Półtorak for the purpose of providing hotel services, I also understand that my consent may be withdrawn at any time by sending an e-mail.




1. Failure to pay the prepayment within the required period results in automatic cancellation of the reservation.

2. If the Guest is cancelling the reservation, the prepayment is non-refundable.

3. Cancellation or change of the reservation is possible via the link contained in the e-mail or by contacting the Service. Using the link in the e-mail enables automatic, immediate cancellation of the reservation, which in accordance with Art 2 pt 2 does not mean a refund of the prepayment.

4. Not using the entire stay by the Guest as a result of a later arrival than it results from the booking date or earlier departure, does not result in a partial reduction or refund of the payment for the service.




1. Reports regarding a problem with the apartment, i.e. damage, dirt, etc. , are accepted only by reporting it within 2 hours of arrival at the facility directly to the office staff and are the subject to Art I pt 9 ( does not apply to unforeseen, major malfunctions ). Later complaints related to the situation will not be accepted.

In the case of collecting keys after the office closes ( collecting through a safe ), reports are accepted until 11:00 am the next day.

2. Complaints sent to the e-mail address reklamacja.everysky@gmail.comincluding pt 1 of Art III, are not taken into account and will be automatically dismissed.

3. When making a reservation, the Guest accepts the rules covering complaints, which entitles EverySky to no reply to e-mails containing issues mentioned in pt 1 of Art III.




1. The person making the online booking is responsible for the correctness of the data provided in the booking form.

2. The accommodation facility is not responsible for the incorrect selection of the date of stay or incorrectly entered data in the form. In the event of irregularities that cannot be corrected by editing the reservation, please contact the Reception immediately.

3. If any maltunction occurs in the facility, the guest is obliged to report it to EverySky immediately.

4. Sudden defects in the apartment will be removed as soon as possible, however if they were not caused by EverySky's negligence, their removal will be possible only by the building manager and EverySky shall not be responsible for their occurrence.

5. It is forbidden to use your own electrical devices that generate high electricity consumption.

6. The optimum temperature in the apartments is 22℃. Requests to increase the temperature will not be accepted.

7. The Guest is obliged to inform EverySky about any irregularities or discrepancies in the apartment or in the building in which the apartment is located immediately after finding it.

8. Contact details are available in the "Contact" tab, at the top of the booking calendar and in e-mails.


In each of our apartments we place rules and regulations regarding the location chosen by you.